Stave Off Winter Chill With Made in America Sweatpants

By Jeffrey Bonior
Stateline US makes 100 percent cotton exercise and loungewear completely made in the United States. | Stateline US

Support American jobs while getting cozy in Made in America sweatpants.

Most Americans have spent their leisure hours of the spring and summer months lounging around the house wearing their preferred uniform of choice and comfort — tee-shirts and shorts.

But autumn is upon us. Old Man Winter (and I don’t mean Santa Claus) is knocking at the door. And the daily weather report informs us of falling outdoor temperatures nearly day after day.

Unless you live in Hawaii, California or Florida, you probably are looking for something to keep you a bit warmer when you roll out of bed in the morning.

Well, don’t sweat it.

Americans love their sweatpants, from the cotton or fleece-lined leg warmers to the lightweight fabric pants that some people wear all summer long.

These days most of our apparel is manufactured offshore, but Americans have not thrown in the towel on sweatpants.

There are many brands of quality sweatpants made right here in America that are even more comfortable than your favorite pair of ragged summertime shorts.

They are available in different styles, shapes and fittings for that warm, loose-fit feeling. And, with many brands, you can walk right out the door without looking like you left the house in your pajamas.

You are likely to pay a bit more for an America-made pair of sweatpants, but these casual garments are worth supporting American manufacturing and its workforce. Sure, you can buy a new pair of sweatpants every year that were shabbily made in China, India or Bangladesh. But if you invest in an American-made brand, your sweats will likely keep you warm for multiple years while retaining their original look and feel.

Here are some of the finest selections of Made in America sweatpants that will comfortably get you through not only this winter but subsequent years to come:

American Giant

American Giant

San Francisco-based American Giant has had a major impact in the Made in America clothing rebirth with its cotton sweatshirt hoodie that proudly wears the moniker “best hoodie ever made.” The good news is American Giant also makes several varieties of sweatpants for both men and women, and they are top-quality garments, just like its famous hoodie. They offer several distinct styles complete with three pockets, drawstrings and elastic cuffs. American Giant conducts all its sales online, so you won’t even need to leave the house to purchase this Cadillac of sweatpants.

American Fitness Wear

American Fitness Wear, based in Los Angeles, offers casual workout apparel, including a variety of sweatpants and jogging pants. American Fitness Wear works with quality-proven designers in the heart of L.A.’s fashion district to produce not only functional but fashion-forward athletic wear. Except for a few small items, most of American Fitness products are 100 percent Made in America. American Fitness pants are ideal for serious exercise.  American Fitness is a U.S. Military veteran-owned company.

Vermont Flannel Company 

If flannel is your fabric of choice you can’t go wrong with a beautifully designed pair of lounge pants from the Vermont Flannel Company. Unlike traditional sweatpants, which may be used for exercising and doing chores around the house, the Vermont Flannel Company lounge pant is more stylish and made from wintertime’s favorite fabric: flannel. They are ideal for sleeping and then just popping out of bed and beginning your daily chores, whether it be around the house or a drive to the local store. They are sure to keep you warm from under the bedcovers to the chill of the front seat of your car. The finely constructed Vermont-made flannel lounge pants will provide the stylish patterns admired at both home and in public. Available in men’s and ladies’ styles.

Camber Sportwear

If you are looking for a heavyweight sweatpant that come in extra-large sizes, Camber Sportswear offers a pair of 14-ounce cross knit sweatpants that are sure to keep you warm on the coldest of days. They feature a drawstring elastic band, elastic cuffs and two deep front pockets. They are manufactured in Norristown, Penn. and can be purchased through All Seasons Uniforms ( in Woodstock, Ill. or All USA Clothing (  in Sylvan Lake, Mich.

The Union Shop

If you want your sweatpants Made in America by experienced union workers, Union Made-Union Local offers a pair of all-around wear sweatpants that are mostly sold in the wholesale market. Manufactured just outside of Chicago in Elgin, Ill., these garments are made of 9-ounce fleece and come with a drawstring and pockets. Union Made-Union Local manufactures for the wholesale market, but you can purchase a single pair at The Union Shop website. Just search under men’s activewear for the Active Wear sweatpant.

Stateline US

Stateline US

North Carolina is slowly returning to its roots as the textile manufacturing center of America, and if you are looking for 100-percent Made in America sweatpants Stateline US offers a throwback to the heyday of America clothing producers. Its cotton sweatpants come with a classic drawstring and elastic cuffs. Stateline US’s cotton is grown in North Carolina, its fabric milled in South Carolina and cut and sewn back in North Carolina. Even its zippers and drawcords are Made in America. These classic American sweats are available in a variety of colors and can be purchased at a competitive price online and at select retail outlets.

You may not spend as much time outdoors during the winter months, but while sheltered inside a pair of American-made sweatpants will leave you feeling as warm and comfortable as you did on those summer days of tee-shirts and shorts.

The above websites sell a variety of American-made apparel, so remember to search for “sweatpants” to shop for your Made in America winter leg warmers.