Ten More Made in America Face Masks

By Monique Mansfield
Aug 28 2020 |
American Roots is among the American manufacturers who are making face masks and face shields. | Photo courtesy American Roots/United Steelworkers

Still need masks? We’ve got you covered with 10 Made in USA selections.

The COVID-19 pandemic still isn't under control, and many states continue to mandate that masks be worn in all public establishments to comply with social distancing guidelines and hopefully begin to mitigate the virus.

Luckily, there are plenty of American-made options out there. Earlier this year, the United Steelworkers partnered with the team at American Roots to create a line of union-made face masks and face shields. We also compiled a list of more than 30 Made in America companies making masks last month. 

Many more companies have been pitching in to help supply masks that are safe, fun and creative for all ages (and even pets!) Thus, in manufacturing these masks, these companies have also helped in combating the PPE shortage America has faced. Many face masks on the market originate in China, and some involve forced labor. So, there are lots of reasons to buy American-made masks.

Here are 10 more selections to choose from:

  1. Carry Green – New Jersey
  2. Maravel Made – California
  3. Accent T-shirts – Nevada
  4. Somer Custom Framing – New York
  5. Todd Shelton – New Jersey
  6. Veronica M – California
  7. Boathouse – Pennsylvania
  8. Freaker USA – North Carolina
  9. Armbrust American – Texas
  10. Yoga Society – California

But guess what? There’s more…

U.S. Steel just released some of its own gear. The Times of Northwest Indiana reports that the 119-year-old industry titan – which typically sells steel used to build things like vehicles and big buildings – is now selling its own apparel to the public. The online store consists of baseball caps, T-shirts, sweatshirts, face masks and so much more!

If you have a desire to shop, check out the list of face masks above and the U.S. Steel online store. If we missed any of your favorites, send us a tweet @keepitmadeinusa.

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