This Easter, Keep it Made-in-the-USA

Easter Sunday is just around the corner, so we thought we’d share some of our favorite American-made Easter products and goodies that will help you—and the Easter bunny—keep it Made-in-the-USA this Sunday:


Peeps, the cute, sugary and allegedly indestructible marshmallow candies are made by Just Born Candy, a family-owned candy company that has been in business for more than eight decades. Based in Bethlehem, PA, Just Born employs more than 500 workers and makes all its products in the USA. 

Eco-Eggs Coloring Kit:

An eco-friendly take on classic Easter egg coloring kits, this Made-in-the-USA coloring kit includes six dyes consisting of natural fruit and vegetable extracts. But beware—even natural dyes can still be messy, so you may want  to stock up some American-made aprons before diving into this project with the kids.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans:

No Easter is complete without jelly beans, and with 50 flavors to choose from, American-made Jelly Bellys, “The original gourmet jelly bean,” are always a crowd pleaser.  Though the modern Jelly Belly wasn’t developed until the 70’s, the great-grandsons of Gustav Goelitz, who started the family business in 1869 are still carrying on the family's candy making tradition. Today, Jelly Bellys are made in Fairfield, North Chicago, Illinois, and Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

Made-in-USA Pre-Filled Easter Basket:

Why not help the Easter bunny out this year by directing him to this Easter basket filled entirely with Made-in-the-USA products? Complete with a stuffed bunny, chocolate, jelly beans, and other American-made goodies, this basket is sure to lead to a very hoppy/happy Easter morning.