UPDATED! New Jersey Residents: Just Three Days to Save Jobs!

By Brian Lombardozzi
Dec 15 2014 |
The New Jersey State House. | Photo by Peter Miller via Flickr

Assembly is scheduled to vote Thursday on crucial Buy America legislation.

UPDATE: Lawmakers passed the Made in America legislative package on Thursday. Now it's up to Gov. Chris Christie to approve the measures. Click here to tell Christie to sign the bills

The New Jersey Assembly is about to take up a package of bills that could have a big impact on American workers — and New Jersey residents can play a big role in getting this vital legislation across the finish line.

The Made in America legislative package would require manufactured products used in state contracts to be Made in America. This commonsense legislation seeks to ensure New Jersey's tax dollars support American-made products and American jobs whenever possible. Strong Buy America preferences like these help create good-paying American jobs and keep our tax dollars in the United States, including in New Jersey.

It makes sense to support companies that invest in U.S. operations and create good jobs for American workers. It makes NO sense to send our tax money overseas when companies and workers here at home are ready to do the work at a competitive price. 

Last week, the New Jersey Assembly Budget Committee voted to approve the package after hundreds of Garden State residents raised their voices in support of the legislation.

Now the legislation is moving to the assembly floor for a make-or-break vote scheduled for Thursday. Let's make sure the full assembly hears us.

Please tell New Jersey assembly members to support the Made in America bills package.