Video: Why the U.S. Was So Unprepared for the Coronavirus, and What We Need to Do Now

By Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch

America is too dependent on imports for critical supplies. But we can change that.

One of the questions that keeps coming up time and time again during the ongoing coronavirus crisis: Why did the United States not have enough of the critical supplies it needed to respond?

Why did we not have enough face masks, ventilators, respirators, testing kits face shields, and more at the ready? Why has it been such a monumental challenge to ramp up production of these things now?

In a new video, the Alliance for American Manufacturing outlines how the decision to offshore the production of our critical manufacturing to countries like China led us to this point. But given that there’s also growing support to bring much of this manufacturing back, we also outline the policy that’s needed to grow factory jobs and reshore production.

Watch the video out below.