WATCH: Reality Star Titan Gilroy on the Manufacturing Resurgence

By Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch
May 18 2015 |
Titan Gilroy, left, chats with AAM President Scott Paul during the season finale of TITAN — American Built.

AAM’s Scott Paul joins Gilroy to discuss the future of American manufacturing.

It's hard to find a more enthusiastic proponent of American manufacturing than Titan Gilroy, the star of the reality show TITAN — American Built

Gilroy's life story is pretty epic — as a child he fled to Hawaii with his mother to escape her abusive husband, only to face bouts of homelessness. As a teenager he found refuge as a boxer, but that got derailed after a fight at a nighclub landed him in prison for three years. A job at Zinola Manufacturing in Northern California helped turn his life around, and today he owns his own precision machine shop, Titan America MFG. Gilroy spun his business success into the reality show, which recently wrapped up its first season on MAVTV.

Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul joined Gilroy for the show's big season finale, and the two discussed how to support and build upon the American manufacturing resurgence. As Gilroy noted:

"We're showing we can compete right here on national T.V., and there's a huge amount of companies just like mine all across the nation with great machinists, great manufacturers, all building products. And if our government actually got behind us and lifted us up and put rules in place, we're going to soar right into the future."

Watch the full clip below, and be sure to tune into the show on MAVTV.