Working Remote? Spruce Up Your Home Office with These Made in America Supplies

By Andrew Evans
Field Notes

Stock up with some American-made office essentials and support U.S. job creation.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are requiring employees to work from home. It can be challenging to get into “work mode,” especially if your home is not equipped with the things your office usually offers. Thankfully, we have compiled a list of amazing products that are Made in America to help deck out your home office space.

Are you are looking for a calendar or planner? If so, House of Doolittle has you covered. The company has been making quality paper products for over 100 years, and its products are ecofriendly and are made out of recycled goods.

Grado Labs headphones

Whether its conference calls or company zoom happy hours, you are going to want some quality headphones during quarantine. For a high-quality set of headphones, your first stop should be Grado Labs, one of our 2019 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide picks. While the price tag may be higher that the average pair of headphones, what you get in return is a product that will last a lifetime. Made out of Mahogany and Oak, these headphones are designed to maximize the listening experience.

For those who prefer writing to typing, check out Field Notes, the popular notebooks whose design is inspired by the memo books given to American farmers over the past century (the company has been featured on our podcast and was a 2017 gift guide pick). If you are looking for something more traditional, consider Northbooks notebooks, which offers a handful of Made in USA products. For $30, you can get three great notebooks that will help you rediscover your love of planning and writing. The company offers free shipping anywhere in the United States.

For every great notebook, there is a great pen. For a quality pen that is made right here in the U.S., check out Roots & Jones. A 2019 gift guide entry, the company was founded by grandfather and grandson duo Jim Cantrell and Ryan Jones, and began in an old barn wood shop in the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky. These pens have been passed down from one generation to the next, where it is being built into something everyone in the world can appreciate. 


Quarantine has inspired many of us to set new goals like working out more or in this case, drinking more water. For the best cups and mugs you are going to want to stick with Tervis. Their cups are customizable to your taste whether that is a “Central Perk” mug to commemorate your love for Friends, or a “Baby Yoda” cup, Tervis has you covered. 

And finally, if you are in the market for a coffee maker, look no further than AeroPress. Another 2019 gift guide pick, the AeroPress is ideal for any coffee lover looking for a rich and smooth cup of coffee without acidity or bitterness. It brews a delicious cup of American or espresso style coffee in about a minute and clean up takes only a few seconds.

If your home office chair just is not cutting it, then Hon furniture is where you want to look. The company’s product line ranges from chairs and file cabinets all the way to keyboard trays. With a variety in colors and design, they truly have something for everyone.

A good seat cushion is a must when working from home. Purple seat cushions offer comfort and support for everyone. The company’s cushions are dual-sided, with softer support on one side, and more firm support on the other. Made out of a special memory material, your cushion will be fit specifically for you.  

Editor's Note: Blogs like this one are intended to highlight companies that support American jobs and that make great products in the United States. We rely on companies we feature to provide accurate information regarding their domestic operations and their products. Each company is individually responsible for labeling and advertising their products according to applicable standards, such as the Federal Trade Commission's "Made in USA" standard or California's "Made in USA" labeling law. We do not review individual products for compliance or claim that company products comply with specific labeling or advertising standards. Our focus is on supporting companies that create American jobs.