May 18 2022
The Rick Smith Show

Scott Paul on The Rick Smith Show

May 18 2022
Scripps National

Supply chain shortages could bring more factories to the US

May 16 2022
Fox Business

U.S. steel industry prepares to deliver on Biden’s domestic steel mandate

May 16 2022
Sydney Morning Herald

How a chemicals tycoon shaped Australia’s ‘gas-fired recovery’

May 05 2022
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Clean energy at a crossroads: The Made-in-America push

May 04 2022
The Center Square

New Hampshire lawmakers push ‘Made in America’ requirement

May 03 2022
The New York Times

The Era of Cheap and Plenty May Be Ending

Apr 28 2022

Jeff Bezos floats theory that China has ‘leverage’ over Twitter after Elon Musk buyout

Apr 20 2022
Inside U.S. Trade

ITC holds hearing to probe a wide range of trade policy impacts on workers

Apr 19 2022
America's Work Force Union Podcast

The return of U.S. manufacturing is high skilled and union