Apr 01 2022

Wrangler Expands Its Popular Made in USA Jeans Line

Mar 18 2022

Made in USA Pooch Paper Offers a Sustainable Alternative to Plastic Dog Waste Bags

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1888 Mills

Griffin, Georgia

About 1888 Mills

Marriott hotels sources its towels from 1888 Mills in Griffin, one of the last remaining towel manufacturing plants in the United States. You can find the company’s products at retailers like Walmart.

N95 Masks


Aberdeen, South Dakota and Omaha, Nebraska

About 3M

3M was among the major American companies to ramp up its production of critical personal protective equipment like N95 masks in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The company makes N95 masks at two facilities in the United States. But be sure to check the label, as it also imports masks from factories located overseas.

Water Bottles

50 Strong

Lima, Ohio

About 50 Strong

In 2012, husband and wife Ashley and Brendan Thompson founded 50 Strong to prove that American manufacturing matters. The Thompson’s family-owned factory produces competitively-priced water bottles entirely Made in America. Additionally, 50 Strong donates 10 percent of every sale to the 50 Strong Foundation, the non-profit that the company founded to provide education and training in advanced manufacturing.


52 Freckles

Meridian, Idaho

About 52 Freckles

Go gnome for the holidays with 52 Freckles’ charming Scandinavian-style decorative gnomes. Made of repurposed wool sweaters and new wool blend felt, these handcrafted gnomes are sure to bring holiday joy wherever they’re placed. Owner Sarah Christensen also co-owns retail store Idaho Made in Boise, which features goods made by more than 60 local Idaho artists.  


Abella Skin Care

Boca Raton, Florida

About Abella Skin Care

Harnessing her experience coordinating care between physicians and patients, Dr. Eliana Belmonte, DDS, president of Abella Skin Care, aims to provide skin care that is as effective as it is simple. Since 1999, Abella has offered products for all types of skin and offers Spanish/English product literature.  

Fashion and Apparel

Abi Ferrin

Dallas, Texas

About Abi Ferrin

Abi Ferrin is a fashion designer with a passion for empowering women and creating clothing here in United States. Likewise, every Abi Ferrin garment of clothing that is sold comes with a button that supports the Freedom Project, an organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and inspires entrepreneurial opportunities and employment for former victims of trafficking and abusive employment.

Face Masks

Adiya Pharma

Montgomery, Pennsylvania

About Adiya Pharma

Adiya Pharma is located in Montgomery, Pa., near several major pharmaceutical companies. It specializes in making packaging for pharmaceutical products, and has helped companies lessen their environmental impact and lower costs. Now Adiya Pharma is also making face masks.

Coffee Maker



About AeroPress

In 2004 the engineer who made the world’s greatest frisbee, the Aerobie Pro, decided to get into the coffee press business. The result is the AeroPress, which debuted at a trade show in 2005 and quickly won coffee snobs over by consistently producing a great cup of joe. The AeroPress is Made in California and retails for a reasonable $30


Alania Marie

South Portland, Maine

About Alania Marie

The handbags from Alania Marie are inspired by the sea, and even made with the same marine-grade materials as lobsterman’s bait bags. But these bags have a whole lot of style, and the company’s Digital Design Bar allows you to customize your look.