Apr 01 2022

Wrangler Expands Its Popular Made in USA Jeans Line

Mar 18 2022

Made in USA Pooch Paper Offers a Sustainable Alternative to Plastic Dog Waste Bags

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Fashion and Apparel

Abi Ferrin

Dallas, Texas

About Abi Ferrin

Abi Ferrin is a fashion designer with a passion for empowering women and creating clothing here in United States. Likewise, every Abi Ferrin garment of clothing that is sold comes with a button that supports the Freedom Project, an organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and inspires entrepreneurial opportunities and employment for former victims of trafficking and abusive employment.

Clothing and Apparel

All American Clothing

Arcanum, Ohio

About All American Clothing

When Lawson Nickol discovered that the company for which he worked had begun to outsource the production of its jeans, he resigned and went on to found All American Clothing, which pledges to support the American economy in all aspects of its business. Nickol’s company has been featuered on CNN, Good Morning America, and PBS. All American Clothing sells a wide array of clothing for men and women online. 


All American Khakis

Thomson, Georgia

About All American Khakis

All American Khakis is a family-owned chain on a mission to grow manufacturing in the United States. Their khakis include a Smörgåsbord of selections, from seasonal to trendy five-inch shorts, all made in Thomson from start to finish.

Clothing and Apparel

All USA Clothing

Keego Harbor, Michigan

About All USA Clothing

Over 40 years ago, Michigan-based All USA Clothing set out to provide the best possible clothes for the men and women of America’s auto assembly lines. In 2006, the company expanded to fulfill all Americans’ clothing needs, working with other “Made in the USA” manufacturers such as New Balance, Wigwam, Union Line, and Carhartt to ensure the excellence and affordability of their products. 

Hoodies and Other Apparel

American Giant

North Carolina

About American Giant

American Giant is the maker of what Slate magazine once dubbed the “Greatest Hoodie Ever Made.” Founder Bayard Winthrop launched the brand in 2011 after being repeatedly told that nobody could make a sweatshirt in the United States. American Giant’s innovation and strategic business decisions have led to its continued success, as much of its merchandise is routinely sold out.  

Union-Made Clothing

American Roots

Portland, Maine

About American Roots

American Roots’ mission is to create good jobs in the United States, deliver a high quality product, and support a more sustainable way of life. After spending 12 years in Washington, D.C., Ben Waxman decided to move to Maine. After having a simple idea to bring back manufacturing into the United States, American Roots was born. Ben decided to partner with Polartec and create some of the warmest clothing up North. 

Trench Coats and Other Apparel

American Trench

Admore, Pennsylvania

About American Trench

Sourcing its goods from all around the United States (cashmere hats made in Texas, socks knit in Pennsylvania, cotton plaid made in North Carolina, etc.), American Trench offers luxury trench coats, outerwear accessories, and socks that aim to support the American economy. Their designs are clean with a vintage touch and a pinch of quirk–a combination sure to delight.   


American Woolen Company

Stafford Springs, Connecticut

About American Woolen Company

Founded in 1899, American Woolen Company is an iconic name in American textiles and once the world’s largest wool manufacturer. The company is currently out with a special collection that includes the Benton Carry On, a collaboration with luxury designer Graf Lantz. 

Outdoor Clothing

Apocalypse Design

Fairbanks, Alaska

About Apocalypse Design

Apocalypse Design has been outfitting adventurous Alaskans since 1983, and its clothing and gear are made to be used in the planet’s toughest conditions. If you are looking to stay warm in below-freezing temperatures, this is a must-stop shopping site.