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Nov 08 2019

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Alex and Ani

Cranston, Rhode Island

About Alex and Ani

​Alex and Ani’s iconic bangles have only become more and more popular. Begun in 2004 by Carolyn Rafaelian, Alex and Ani aimed to restore Rhode Island’s reputation as the Jewelry Capital of the World. The company’s patriotism runs deeps with a steadfast commitment to production in America–a spirit further actualized in their Liberty Copper Collection, which features the copper preserved from the centennial restoration of the Statue of Liberty. Proceeds from this collection will be used to support the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation. Nonprofits around the world have benefitted from Alex and Ani’s success as the company has donated more than $46 million through their Charity by Design initiative. 


Black Hills Gold Jewelry

Rapid City, South Dakota

About Black Hills Gold Jewelry

Made in Rapid City, South Dakota, Black Hills Gold Jewelry products are manufactured using 40 different steps. Each leaf or swirl made on the company’s bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are made with care. Legend has it that wearing the signature  Black Hills Gold pink and green grape leaves brings the wearer good luck as they did the founder who was lost in South Dakota until coming upon a river with grape leaves floating in it.


Carolyn Pollack

New Mexico

About Carolyn Pollack

Inspired by the creativity and confidence of today’s woman, Carolyn designs beautiful jewelry that is genuine, wearable, and unique. Featuring unexpected color combinations and sculptural styles, her creations are fresh yet timeless. Proudly made in America with gemstones from around the world, Carolyn Pollack Sterling Jewelry celebrates artistry, versatility, and joy. 


Eco Lustre

Brooklyn, New York

About Eco Lustre

When two sisters wanted jewelry that was trendy yet environmentally friendly, Eco Lustre was created. Sisters Natalia and Luda created Eco Lustre and made jewelry that is beautiful, friendly to the environment, affordable, and made in the United States. Their necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings hold an organic, but modern allure.

Custom Jewelry

Foterra Jewelry

Honolulu, Hawaii

About Foterra Jewelry

Capture the spirit of the islands with Foterra Jewelry, whose brightly colored pieces will warm up any cold winter day. The company also specializes in creating custom pieces that allow you to place a photo into earrings, necklaces, bangles and more. Most items are priced under $75

Bracelets and Bags

Giving Bracelets

Scottsdale, Arizona

About Giving Bracelets

Based in old-town Scottsdale, Giving Bracelets offers affordable leather bracelets and leather handbags. The bracelets are made from the leftover leather used to manufacture the bags, and 10 percent of each purchase goes to charity. 


Luca + Danni

Rhode Island

About Luca + Danni

American manufacturing isn’t just a means of production for Luca + Danni, but a central part of the company’s philosophy as every piece of their jewelry is handcrafted. Inspiration for the company originated with Danny Magnanimi whose dream to restore his family’s legacy in jewelry endured through his struggle with cancer. 

Curated Selection of Makers' Goods

Makers Market

Walnut Creek, California

About Makers Market

This California-based online store presents a curated selection of makers and their handmade goods from across America.


Mercer and Jayne


About Mercer and Jayne

Laura Mercer worked in New York’s fashion industry before returning home to Colorado to start her jewelry line Mercer and Jayne, which is named after two streets in NYC. Mercer’s jewelry is designed and crafted using only semi-precious stones, gold fill and sterling silver metals.