Tasja Lynn Peterson


Tasja Lynn is currently a senior at Howard University majoring in political science with a minor in sociology. Upon graduation, Tasja Lynn aspires to begin her career in advocacy work to protect, maintain, and secure the health of natural resources across the United States.

Before her internship, Tasja Lynn worked as a legislative intern with the Sheridan Group, a consulting firm that works specifically with non-profits, philanthropic organizations, and social enterprises both domestic and abroad. During her time with the Sheridan Group, Tasja Lynn was able to strengthen her political advocacy through attending congressional hearings, interviewing social justice advocates, and drafting legislative language. Tasja Lynn developed an advocacy strategy plan that aimed to address the wide spread, yet widely ignored, issue of food desserts in the United States.

When she isn’t working, Tasja Lynn can be found curled up with a book, trying a new restaurant in town, or planning a new painting. Although she has no favorite artist, she loves the impressionism art movement and the subsequent works that took inspiration from the era.