May 23 2024

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May 14 2024

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May 03 2024

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May 02 2024

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Apr 18 2024

Burns Harbor Factory Workers Fight to Save Industrial Heartland in New Film 

Apr 17 2024

USTR Investigation into Chinese Shipbuilding Rightly Scrutinizes Beijing’s Market Distortions

Apr 05 2024

High Interest Rates and Trade Deficits Stifle U.S. Factory Jobs Growth 

Apr 04 2024

U.S. Trade Position Offers Leverage in Yellen’s Talks with Chinese Leaders

Mar 27 2024

Chinese Imports Threaten to Cripple U.S. Green Energy Manufacturing 

Mar 12 2024

China’s Dominion of the World’s Shipbuilding Capacity Threatens U.S. Economic and National Security: AAM Statement