AAM Statement: Factories Added 36,000 Jobs in February

Washington, D.C. – Manufacturing gained 36,000 jobs in February, according to new figures released on Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The overall economy posted 678,000 jobs last month. 

Manufacturing remains down 178,000 jobs since pandemic shutdowns began in February 2020. 

Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul said:

“Manufacturing has momentum.

“Now, we have to keep it going. That starts with making sure that as we work to rebuild America’s infrastructure, Buy America preferences are applied and enforced. All of those new roads and bridges, pipelines and fiber optics, transit systems and more should be Made in America. Otherwise, we’ll send taxpayer money overseas — and good-paying jobs with it. 

“Passing a strong jobs and competitiveness bill like the Bipartisan Innovation Act also is critical. Doing so will help strengthen American manufacturing and re-shore supply chains, which will create even more jobs.

“I’m confident that the United States can gain back the remaining jobs lost during the pandemic and create even more opportunity beyond that. We just have to get the job done right.”