AAM Statement: October Manufacturing Jobs Report 

Tags Jobs and the U.S. Economy

Washington, D.C. — The United Auto Workers’ historic strikes in October are strongly reflected in the Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report released on Friday. According to the report, manufacturing saw 35,000 jobs temporarily cut in October, 33,200 of which came from motor vehicle factories alone. 

Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul said: 

“We look forward to the November data, which should show factory jobs roaring back with the automotive sector fully back on line, and supply chains running smoothly again.

“That said, manufacturing job growth has slowed significantly this calendar year. Now is not the time for Congress to scale back public investments or for President Biden to grant trade concessions to China at a summit meeting.

“America is primed to reclaim global manufacturing and innovation leadership, and failing to do so would imperil our national security and economic stability. We cannot lose more momentum.”