AAM Statement on House Passage of INVEST in America Act

Washington, D.C. — The House of Representatives on Thursday officially approved infrastructure legislation that aims to rebuild America’s crumbling roads, bridges, public transit, water systems, and more — and critically, includes Buy America preferences that will ensure the taxpayer money spent on these projects is reinvested back into American workers, manufacturers, and communities.

The INVEST in America Act would provide $715 billion in funding for infrastructure projects, including $343 billion for roads, bridges, and safety programs; $109 billion for transit; $95 billion for passenger and freight rail; $117 billion for drinking water; and $51.25 billion for wastewater infrastructure.   

Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul said:

“Today’s passage of the INVEST in America Act is another important step forward on the long road toward rebuilding not just America’s infrastructure, but the middle class.

“By investing in infrastructure, we have the potential to create millions of new jobs, many of them good-paying, union jobs in manufacturing. And by applying Buy America to these projects, we will double-down on our investment, as our tax dollars will be reinvested right back into our economy instead of being sent overseas. Truly a win-win. 

“But we must keep the momentum going. Congress and the Biden administration must now work together to approve and implement a once-in-a-generation infrastructure package that not only includes investments in roads, bridges, and rail, but also in critical areas like electric vehicle infrastructure and modernizing our energy grid. It’s time for the United States to lead the way in the 21st century.”