AAM Statement: The United States Appeals the WTO’s Misguided Section 232 Decision

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Washington, D.C. – The United States announced its appeal on Jan. 26 of the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) ruling against the U.S. in a case filed to contest Section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum. 

Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul said:

“The United States made the correct decision in appealing the World Trade Organization’s stunningly wrong ruling on Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs. 

“A thriving domestic steel sector is essential to national security. But for decades, surging imports and subpar capacity utilization eroded the capabilities and competitiveness of American steel. The Section 232 action was fully justified and must not be eroded by an Appellate Body that has clearly overstepped its authority.

“We are pleased that the Biden administration continues to defend our broader rights at the WTO, especially in light of the continued threats posed to U.S. economic and national security interests by the Chinese Communist Party.” 

The WTO announced that its dispute panel had ruled against the U.S. in December. The Biden administration strongly rejected the WTO’s findings and called for fundamental reform at the time. 

Section 232 trade action led to a resurgence of America’s steel mills, sponsoring the creation of thousands of new, well-paid jobs