AAM Statement: U.S. and Japan Reach an Arrangement on Steel Tariffs

Washington, D.C. – The United States and Japan on Monday announced an arrangement to set tariff rate quotas on steel imports. The arrangement includes a “melted and poured” requirement, ensuring steel products imported from Japan were indeed produced there, preventing other countries from shipping their steel through the country to avoid Section 232 tariffs.  

Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul said:

“The arrangement announced between the United States and Japan today recognizes the value of steel production to America’s economic and national security. Sensible tariff rate quotas and a ‘melted and poured’ requirement will allow American steelworkers and steelmakers to grow and contribute to rebuilding our nation.

“We were pleased the previous administration initiated long overdue Section 232 relief for America’s vital steel industry, and we commend President Biden and his administration for widening the focus on global overcapacity while maintaining appropriate tools to mitigate threats to our economic and national security.

“As an added measure, Congress should expeditiously complete work on competitiveness policy to bolster our trade laws and establish incentives to re-shore manufacturing jobs and strengthen domestic supply chains.”