Ahead of Next Presidential Primary Debate, Republican Voters Voice Overwhelming Support for Strong Manufacturing Policies, Including Tariffs

Washington, D.C. — A staggering 94% of likely Republican primary voters want political candidates to prioritize preserving and growing manufacturing in the United States, new polling conducted by Morning Consult for the Alliance for American Manufacturing shows. 

An overwhelming 90% want the president elected in 2024 to either increase tariffs on Chinese goods or keep the current tariffs in place as-is. Furthermore, 75% of Republican voters say that next president should pursue a trade policy that puts the interests of American workers first. 

A majority (79%) of Republican voters want political candidates to prioritize creating more manufacturing jobs in the United States and strengthening domestic supply chains rather than lowering consumer costs by increasing access to imports.

Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul said:

“In case anybody was left unconvinced, this new poll data proves that Republican presidential candidates who support so-called free trade are out of touch with their own base. This isn’t the GOP of the 1990s. Republican voters do not want more trade deals — they want to see growing American factories, stronger supply chains, and more training for blue-collar jobs.

“Voters are very clear on the policy, too. They want the next president to prioritize growing American manufacturing by doing things like enforcing our nation’s trade laws, implementing Buy America provisions, and putting in place outbound investment restrictions.

“Republican voters know that America’s factory jobs will build our future and ensure America’s economic strength and national security.

“Now it’s up to the Republican presidential candidates to show that they’re ready not just to push back against China, but also to fortify America’s manufacturing base.

“Our organization is nonpartisan and doesn’t endorse presidential candidates. We can say this: Candidates who reject tariffs, support free trade, and want to roll back investments in America are completely out of touch with voters.”

More key findings from the poll:

  • More than eight-in-ten (84%) Republican voters support investing in rebuilding America’s infrastructure, and 86% agree that taxpayer dollars should go toward infrastructure projects that utilize American-made products, like iron, steel and other construction materials, rather than imported products. The vast majority (86%) agree that the American steel industry is essential to U.S. national security.
  • A majority of Republican voters (81%) agree that the federal government’s purchase of too many foreign-made goods over Made in USA products has caused manufacturing jobs loss in America.
  • The majority (69%) of Republican voters say that their party is at its best when the U.S. pursues a trade policy that prioritizes the interests of American workers and national security.
  • A plurality (45%) thinks factories are now returning, and the majority (56%) dismiss the notion that factory jobs are never coming back. However, eight-in-ten (80%) respondents still think that China is beating the U.S. in manufacturing. 
  • Eight-in-ten voters (79%) of Republican voters say that America’s economic future depends on bringing back training programs for blue-collar jobs like manufacturing, rather than prioritizing four-year college degrees.
  • Eight-in-ten Republican voters (81%) agree that the federal government should be able to prohibit U.S. corporations from investing in manufacturing in other countries if it poses a threat to U.S. national and economic security.

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