Alliance for American Manufacturing Urges Congress to Pass Competitiveness Legislation and Include Critical Trade Tools

America must give workers and companies the trade enforcement mechanisms they need to level the playing field and safeguard our investments in critical sectors like semiconductors. 

Washington, D.C.— America’s manufacturers and factory workers are counting on Congress to finalize long-awaited competitiveness legislation that will invest billions of dollars into critical sectors like semiconductors and deliver new trade tools that will ensure workers can compete on the global stage. 

The Bipartisan Innovation Act already has been passed by both congressional chambers but has not yet made it out of conference. It’s past time to finalize this vital bill, being sure to include the Leveling the Playing Field Act 2.0, which will provide new mechanisms to better enforce U.S. trade laws and truly create a worker-centered trade policy. 

More than 45,000 Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) supporters have written to Congress in support of including the Leveling the Playing Field Act 2.0 in the final competitiveness legislation. 

AAM President Scott Paul said:

“The United States has faced crisis after crisis over the past three years because of our over reliance on imports for the things we need. There’s bipartisan consensus that we must invest to rebuild supply chains and strengthen domestic manufacturing, especially for critical products like semiconductors. 

“But that’s just the first step. 

“America’s factory workers and manufacturers need modern tools to take on the predatory trade practices of foreign governments. Without them, the CCP and others will utilize the trade cheating playbook of the past two decades to drive American producers out of business, offshore production, and further weaken our national and economic security.  

“We can already see the consequences of inaction. First Solar decided against building a factory in the United States due to uncertainty about investment and a failure to enforce our trade laws. Some major semiconductor manufacturers are rethinking their new American investments because of these legislative delays. If the U.S. doesn’t step up here, other countries will. 

“If we are truly serious about winning the competition for the 21st century, Congress must pass the Bipartisan Innovation Act with inclusion of the Leveling the Playing Field Act 2.0. If the final competitiveness package doesn’t include these commonsense trade components, the United States will put all our new investments and hard work in danger. Let’s get the job done, and let’s do it right.”

Scott Paul previously wrote to Congressional leadership urging action and further outlining AAM’s priorities in the Bipartisan Innovation Act. He is available for interviews.