Aluminum Imports Investigation a Step Toward Blue-Collar Job Recovery

Commerce Department to investigate aluminum imports dumping

President Trump is expected to direct the Commerce Department on Thursday to investigate whether aluminum imports from foreign countries, including China, should be blocked due to national security concerns. The Section 232(b) investigation comes amid the administration's similar review of steel dumping and anti-dumping and countervailing duty collection.

Said Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul: 

"China's predatory trade practices have come at the cost of American jobs and this investigation is a step toward recovery.

"We commend the administration's focus on America's economic and national security interests. But if we're to see real change, this investigation must be followed by appropriate trade enforcement.

"For years, China has promised to cut its massive industrial overcapacity, all while increasing production. Instead of keeping its promises, Beijing just petitioned the WTO to loosen existing anti-dumping measures.

"It is clear that China is still trying to work around our laws and has no plan to cut its aluminum overcapacity, as is the case with steel and other industrial sectors. If China is unwilling to keep its promises, there should be clear and enforceable penalties to force action. Without it, the wave of state-subsidized Chinese imports will continue to flood our open market."