Buy American Executive Order a Step in the Right Direction

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Administration seeks to maximize use of domestic product in taxpayer-funded projects

President Trump plans to sign an executive order Tuesday that calls for strong Buy American preferences.

The Buy American order strives to "maximize the use of domestic product and minimize the use of waivers" by implementing a systematic review of agency waivers, elevating waiver approval to agency leadership, affirming America's melted and pour standard, analyzing the role of state-subsidized foreign steel in the procurement process, and performing a systematic review of trade agreements.

Said Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul: 

"We’re encouraged that the president will be turning some of his words into action on Buy American. For years, our Buy American laws have been made ineffective by outsourcing loopholes and weak agency enforcement.

“But this executive order is just the first step. The true test will come as agencies review their existing procedures and recommend action to improve and apply Buy American laws.

“Making an assessment on whether America is getting a fair deal in its trade agreements as it relates to procurement is long overdue. A recent GAO report suggests the United States is giving up far more than it is getting in return. This is not the ‘reciprocal’ or ‘fair’ deal the president says he wants.

"Fully enforcing our Buy American laws is a smart step toward enhancing the economic impact of infrastructure investment and government procurement. American factory workers are eager to rebuild America, and U.S. companies that open factories here at home deserve the first shot at supplying the goods used to build America’s bridges and water systems.

“It should be the policy of our government to maximize the amount of American-made steel, iron, and manufactured goods bought with our hard-earned tax dollars. We’re pleased the president agrees.”