Factories Add 30,000 New Jobs in July

Washington, D.C. – The manufacturing sector added 30,000 jobs in July, according to new data released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Manufacturing is now 41,000 jobs above its February 2020 levels, the BLS reported. 

Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul said:

“If you invest in it, the jobs will come. Manufacturing is now exceeding its pre-pandemic jobs levels because the United States is finally beginning to put an industrial policy in place. The recent passage of the CHIPS Act, for example, is already fueling momentum, with thousands of family-sustaining jobs expected to be created at new semiconductor factories around the country. And don’t forget that projects funded by the infrastructure package are now underway.

“Now we need to keep the momentum going by investing in other key industries — and enforcing our trade laws to sustain all this growth. The United States is well-positioned to reshore critical manufacturing and strengthen supply chains. This is a moment of opportunity, and we’ve got to rise to the challenge.”