Major Manufacturing Job Losses Continue To Validate Voter Worries

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The Labor Department reported this morning that America's manufacturing sector lost 29,000 jobs in March following a month of job losses in February.

Said Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul:

“March’s bleak jobs report shows why so many voters are angry about trade and the economy. When you look at the major economic problems facing Americans today – widening inequality, a hollowed out middle class, and people living paycheck to paycheck – it is clear why voters are asking for trade solutions.

“With 29,000 manufacturing jobs lost last month, it is clear this issue isn't going away anytime soon. China’s massive industrial overcapacity, currency manipulation, and our growing China trade deficit continue to tip the scales, and it's laid-off U.S. factory workers who pay the price. That’s not right. American manufacturers can outcompete anyone in the world, but they need a level playing field.

“We’ll never experience a true manufacturing job resurgence in the United States unless we get a lot tougher with China and policy enforcement. That’s something many Michigan and Ohio voters in both parties got behind, and it is sure to be a principle Wisconsinites will stand up for at the polls next week.”

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The #AAMeter, which tracks President Obama's goal to create 1 million new manufacturing jobs, now sits at +331,000 jobs. That means there would need to be over 74,000 new manufacturing jobs created each month for Obama to hit his goal.