Manufacturing Adds 22,000 Jobs in January

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The Department of Labor reported that America's manufacturing sector added 22,000 jobs in January. Manufacturing had huge backward revisions: 89,000 jobs in November and 26,000 jobs in December.

The #AAMeter, which tracks President Obama's promise to create 1 million new manufacturing jobs in his second term, climbs to +374,000 jobs.

Said Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul:

“After a strong finish last year for manufacturing, 2015 starts with a so-so report. Twenty-two thousand new factory jobs is well below the pace needed to secure 1 million new manufacturing jobs in President Obama’s second term. 

“I’m concerned that a combination of a strong dollar and unchecked foreign currency manipulation will dampen U.S. manufacturing’s fortunes in the months to come. President Obama can stand up for the manufacturing sector by standing firm against currency manipulation, but so far this administration’s approach has been to simply pass the buck."

To ensure continued job growth, the Obama administration must include currency provisions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

ICYMI on Drudge: Senator President Obama mum on … currency manipulation.

The #AAMeter:  During his re-election campaign, President Obama set a goal of creating 1 million new manufacturing jobs in his second term. The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) continues to track the president’s progress via our monthly manufacturing jobs tracker, the #AAMeter, based on monthly jobs data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.