Obama Takes Action to Strengthen U.S. Manufacturing: AAM Statement

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The Obama administration announced new executive actions on Monday to strengthen U.S. manufacturing based on recommendations from the president’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership.  The final report focuses on three areas that support U.S. manufacturing: spurring innovation, workforce development, and improving the business climate.

Commented Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul:

This report puts an important focus on the future of American manufacturing, which looks very promising if it receives the right kind of policy support. The President deserves a lot of praise for investing in innovative apprenticeship programs and other efforts to boost the next wave of manufacturing technologies and careers.

Manufacturing jobs are one of the surest paths to the middle class for a new generation of Americans. If we're looking for solutions to address income inequality and the decline of the middle class, boosting manufacturing is one of the absolute best paths forward.

Specifically, AAM applauds the report for highlighting the importance of Buy America preferences and the Research, Development, and Deployment (RD&D) tax credit.  

A strong manufacturing sector is vital to the strength of the U.S. economy. It is important to promote the expansion of all manufacturing, not just advanced, and to measure this by manufacturing employment.  

Check the progress of President’s Obama goal of creating 1 million new manufacturing jobs in his second term.