President Biden’s Supply Chain Executive Order Encouraging; Policy Must Follow

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Washington, D.C. – President Biden is set to sign an executive order today to launch a 100-day review of American supply chains for critical goods such as pharmaceuticals, batteries, personal protective equipment, and semiconductor chips. The order also is expected to launch a one-year review of supply chain vulnerabilities in America’s defense industrial base and other key sectors.

Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul said:

“The offshoring of America’s critical supply chains has made the United States more vulnerable and less equipped to respond to a crisis. We learned this lesson the hard way, unfortunately. There are still reports of workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic facing PPE shortages. Now there’s a semiconductor shortage that has led to factory shutdowns.

“We’re encouraged by the potential for greater economic security launched by this executive order on supply chains. Over the past decade, AAM has catalogued serious vulnerabilities and deficiencies in our manufacturing base, ranging from rare earths, semiconductors, and specialty metals to PPEs and pharmaceuticals.

“The most important aspect of the executive order is the policy that will ultimately flow from it. Bold and dramatic shift in priorities — from tax and trade policy to innovation and checks on financialization —are necessary to secure a strong future for American workers, our manufacturing base, and our nation.” 

Scott Paul previously examined supply chain weaknesses in an op-ed for The New York Times. 

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