President Obama Proposes Infrastructure Plan: Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) Statement.

This morning, President Obama unveiled some specifics for his plan to make America a “magnet for jobs.”  And at the top of his list?  Infrastructure investment.

The president’s plan aligns very closely with the Alliance for American Manufacturing's (AAM) ‘Blueprint for Manufacturing.’  Specifically, creating a national infrastructure bank and rebuilding America's major bridges and roads can create “thousands of good American jobs that cannot be outsourced.”

Said AAM President Scott Paul:

“It’s very encouraging that the president recognizes the importance of enacting a robust infrastructure program, and we’ve already urged the Administration to work with Congressional leaders on adopting a large-scale, long-term infrastructure program of at least $500 billion over six years.

“We must make sure that this infrastructure is Made in America. That’s why we will work closely with Congress to ensure that ‘Buy America’ laws are strengthened and vigorously enforced."

Voters have made clear that they want their tax dollars spent on American-made components, and they understand the link between strong Buy America preferences and increased job creation.  Added Paul:

“If the president is serious about his campaign pledge to create one million new manufacturing jobs, seeing that our roads and bridges are ‘Made in USA’ is a very good place to start.”