Shoppers Want to Buy American-Made Gifts; the Made in America Holiday Gift Guide Does the Research for Them

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Washington, D.C. — Eight-in-10 Americans prefer to buy Made in America gifts this holiday season and want to see more American-made goods in stores, according to new polling released in conjunction with the 2023 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide. The guide shines a spotlight on more than 200 companies making their giftable products in the United States. 

Key Poll Takeaways:

  • The vast majority (81%) of American adults prefer to purchase holiday gifts made in the United States.This represents a five percentage point increase from 2022 polling. Over half say they purchase Made in America goods to boost the economy, create more jobs, and support small businesses.
  • An overwhelming majority (86%) would purchase more Made in America goods if they were made more widely available through large retailers. Holiday shopping is expected to surpass 2019 levels this year, and these valuable dollars spent by American consumers could be reinvested into local communities and family-supporting jobs in the United States.
  • The majority (83%) of adults believe online retailers should be required to provide country of origin labeling, up from 79% in 2022. Four-in-ten adults report that determining whether a product sold online is Made in USA is difficult. Currently, brick-and-mortar retailers are legally required to provide country of origin information, but online retailers are not.
  • Three-in-four (75%) U.S. adults want companies penalized for falsely marketing their goods as “Made in the USA.” In recent years, the Federal Trade Commission has increasingly pursued financial repercussions for fraudulent Made in USA claims.
  • Nearly three-quarters (70%) of Americans are in favor of offering consumers that legitimately purchase American-made goods a tax credit.

We Do the Made in America Shopping Research for Consumers:

Using the Made in America Holiday Gift Guide, shoppers can browse more than fifteen categories of gifts, including electronics, made in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul said:

“Americans have the right to know where their products are made, regardless of whether they’re shopping online or in stores. By excluding country of origin labeling, e-commerce platforms are manipulating shoppers and abetting the infiltration of goods possibly made through forced labor. Shoppers can take back control of the supply chain and support valuable community-sustaining jobs in the United States by buying American-made.

“American consumers want to shop Made in USA this holiday season, but the increasingly murky waters of online shopping and import-glutted stores are making that unduly difficult.  

“Using our 2023 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide you can find the perfect American-made gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list while investing your dollars into our nation’s economy and manufacturing base.”

United Steelworkers International President David McCall said:

“Choosing American-made gifts this holiday season not only shows our friends and families that we care, but also provides an important opportunity to invest in workers and communities. Our members take great pride in their contributions to domestic manufacturing, and we’re delighted to see their hard work reflected in the AAM’s annual gift guide.”

Awenate Cobbina, CEO of Shinola and parent company Bedrock Manufacturing Company, said:

“We started a watch factory in Detroit 10 years ago because this city knows how to make things. Manufacturing in the U.S. is at the core of who we are — our people celebrate that passion and our products reflect this commitment. No one said this journey is an easy one, but we believe it is the only path to take.”

Cutco Corporation President and CEO James M. Stitt said:

“For us, American manufacturing means that we can provide good jobs that support families and our community. Buying American-made ensures that we can honor that commitment, which we’ve stood by for nearly 75 years.”

American Roots Co-Owners Ben Waxman and Whitney Reynolds Waxman said:

“It’s not an easy task, but it’s the way WE do American manufacturing — ensuring every last thread is American made, giving our workers a voice on the job with a livable wage & benefits, and creating gear that is built to last.”

Access the Made in America Holiday Shopping polling conducted by Morning Consult for AAM. View the 2023 Made in America Gift by state or by product category. The gift guide graphic is available here.

AAM does not endorse any product. The Made in America Holiday Gift Guide is intended to educate consumers on how to look for and buy American-made products. AAM highlights companies that support American jobs and that make great products in the United States. We rely on the companies listed to provide accurate information regarding their domestic operations and their products. Each company featured is individually responsible for labeling and advertising their products according to applicable standards, such as the Federal Trade Commission’s “Made in USA” standard or California’s “Made in USA” labeling law. We do not review individual products for compliance or claim that because a company is listed in the guide that their products comply with specific labeling or advertising standards.