Trump Must Act Now on Steel Import Investigations

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The Commerce Department submitted its Section 232 steel investigation report to the White House Thursday and initiated a 90-day timeline for President Trump to act on imports threatening America's defense industrial base.

President Trump launched the investigation in April with a commitment to move on recommendations by the end of June. Since then, at least three American steel mills have announced layoffs, and steel imports rose nearly 18 percent in 2017. 

Said Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul: 

"We hope the president acts swiftly to secure America’s industrial base and well-paying steelworker jobs.

"Steel imports are rising, layoff announcements are piling up, and the industry is anxiously waiting for the president to deliver on his commitment to America’s steelworkers.

"Final resolution of the Section 232 case doesn’t need to take 90 days; we’ve seen more than six months of delays already. Let’s get this done by the end of January.”

For more details on the Section 232 investigations and to hear directly from workers, visit AAM's YouTube channel and