U.S. Defense Bill Supports American Manufacturing: AAM Statement

Senate Passes National Defense Authorization Act

The Senate passed the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act Wednesday, which includes a provision that requires the Department of Defense to provide military recruits with American-made uniforms and shoes.

The bill came under scrutiny when Maine-based New Balance publicly announced that the Department of Defense wouldn’t consider their shoes for military use despite passing durability tests and offering to sell the shoes at cost to the Pentagon.

Said Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul:

“Today is a win for both American manufacturers and our troops. By taking steps to ensure footwear and uniforms are made in the U.S., our country is a little safer and economically secure.

“We commend Congress for passing the National Defense Authorization Act and for supporting the Berry Amendment.

“A strong and viable manufacturing base is critical to America’s defense and economic security. Today, we rely on too many foreign products to protect our troops and this national security hazard puts our country at risk.

“Each step we take to keep our defense base made in America ensures one less possibility on the battlefield. Whether it is equipment tampering or quality issues, our troops should have the best tools to keep them safe – and Congress just put one strong foot forward.”