VP Biden visits Ohio to talk infrastructure: AAM Statement.

Ahead of Vice President Biden’s Wednesday visit to North Baltimore, Ohio, Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul said:

“I’m glad to see the Vice President visit Ohio to make a case for the importance of infrastructure investment.

“Investing in bridges, rail, and other public works can create jobs. The real job gains come when we work to strengthen and enforce Buy America preferences.

“Thankfully, the vice president has been a vocal supporter of Buy America provisions. I’m hopeful that this visit to Ohio, a state that lost roughly 100,000 jobs to China in the past decade, will serve to ramp up the Obama administration’s commitment to supporting a domestic procurement policy that enjoys overwhelming voter support.

“If the President wants to make good on his campaign pledge to create one million new manufacturing jobs in his second term, enforcing our Buy America laws is step one.”