Enforcing the Rules

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Strong Trade Laws as the Foundation of a Sound American Trade Policy

Enforcing the Rules is an analysis of 10 industries that examines the economic benefit of enforcing U.S. trade rules. Anti-dumping and countervailing-duty laws, which this report analyzes, are often the only reason that some industries can produce in the U.S. Critics suggest that tariffs help the fe


The Takeaways

  1. U.S. antidumping and countervailing duty (AD-CVD) laws have been in place for more than a century, providing U.S. companies, farmers, and workers a remedy against subsidized and unfairly priced imports.

  2. Enforcing the Rules examines the effects of AD-CVD laws have had on industries from steel and shrimp to furniture, cement and raspberries.

  3. AD-CVD laws are a critical part of U.S. trade policy and the world trading system because they provide ground rules for global commerce and ensure continued political support for trade liberalization.

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