Voters are Demanding Washington Focus on Job Creation

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Manufacturing Seen as the Most Important Industry to the American Economy

AAM regularly asks two of America’s leading pollsters, Mark Mellman and Whit Ayres, to survey voters on manufacturing and the economy. AAM’s polling has not only grabbed headlines and won national awards; it has also helped to spur bipartisan action in Washington. Here’s the freshest installment.


The Takeaways

  1. A 2014 poll finds that manufacturing job loss is the top concern for voters, who view the manufacturing industry as the most important sector in the American economy.

  2. Voters believe government policies are the top obstacle to job creation — and expect both President Obama and Congress to do less to support manufacturing jobs than in 2012.

  3. The vast majority of voters from both parties support policies such as Buy America, training programs, trade enforcement, tax incentives, and a national strategy to support U.S. manufacturing.

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