American Energy

Jan 25 2024

A New Department of Energy Rule Endangers U.S. Transformer Manufacturing

But a bipartisan bill aims to fix the rule and stabilize domestic transformer manufacturing.
Nov 14 2023

China’s Overcapacity in Clean Energy is Causing Global Problems. How Will the U.S. Respond?

The Chinese government is following the same old playbook when it comes to its green industry, and it's causing the usual issues. Will the U.S. learn from its past mistakes?
Oct 11 2023

This Solar Plant Closed Five Years Ago. Now it is Reopening, Thanks to Industrial Policy

Suniva is restarting and upgrading its solar cell manufacturing facility in Georgia, an outcome that seemed unthinkable just a few years ago.
Aug 17 2023

The White House is Celebrating the Inflation Reduction Act, For Good Reason. But Big Work Remains

As the historic piece of industrial policy celebrates is one-year anniversary, it's important to remember that there's a whole lot of work left to be done -- and the U.S. must remain vigilant against...