Black Lives Matter

Jun 28 2021

The Role that Racial Equity and Economic Sustainability Should Play in Manufacturing

The Century Foundation, Groundwork Collaborative, and Urban Manufacturing Alliance held an event last week to examine the role of trade and manufacturing in racial justice.
Oct 23 2020

After Facing Racism, Kameen Thompson Brought His Fellow Steelworkers Together. Now He’s Fighting To Save Jobs.

The USW local president says a factory job can provide opportunity, but people like him need Washington to do its part, too.
Oct 09 2020

Steve Ackerman, a Black Millwright in Rural Ohio, Sees Slow Racial Progress

“If nothing else comes out of this, they are starting to at least listen now.”
Sep 18 2020

Manufacturing Helped Darrell Rideout Build a Good Life, But He Worries About “What My Kids Will Have to Go Through”

In many ways, the United Steelworkers member has achieved the American dream. But being Black means Rideout and his family still deal with racism.
Aug 05 2020

After Facing Racial Discrimination at His Paper Mill, Alex Perkins Sprung Into Action

Perkins joined the United Steelworkers to help do “right by working class people.”
Jul 16 2020

As a Black Woman in a Factory Dominated by White Men, Monica Mabin Faced Double Discrimination

"You are fooling with the wrong Black woman," Mabin recalls telling one supervisor.
Jul 01 2020

No Stranger to Adversity, Syracuse Steelworker Keith Odume is an Advocate for Change

"Everyday is a fight for humanity... you just have to do the right thing," Odume said.
Jun 18 2020

Manufacturing Offered Opportunity for Black Workers Like E.J. Jenkins, But Inequalities Persist

The steelworker from Gary, Ind., reflects on the challenges facing Black workers and his community.