The Build Back Better Blueprint

Jan 20 2021
Press Release

AAM Statement: Congratulations, President Biden! We Are Ready To Get To Work.

Washington, D.C. – President Joe Biden has officially taken office and now it’s time to focus on really building back better. Prior to the inauguration, President Biden outlined a...
Dec 18 2020

Steel Overcapacity: Trump Performed Triage. Can Biden Heal the Wound?

America’s steel industry is vital to our national security and critical infrastructure. But it remains threatened by global overcapacity, and COVID-19 has only made things worse.
Dec 17 2020

The United States Can’t Build Back Better Without Investing in American Workers

Companies often complain about the "skills gap." But the public and private sector aren't doing enough to train workers and line them up with good-paying jobs.
Dec 16 2020

What Do Black Factory Workers Want from the Incoming Biden Administration?

We profiled several Black workers this summer about their experiences in manufacturing. Now, we’re getting back in touch to find out what they expect from the president-elect.
Dec 15 2020

Renewed Interest in Made in America Was a Boon to Small Manufacturers During COVID-19. But Will It Continue?

The COVID-19 pandemic shone a well-deserved spotlight on domestic manufacturers, but cheap imports could shadow them once again.
Dec 14 2020

The Made in USA Label Matters. We Haven’t Done Enough to Protect It.

But there's a growing appetite in Washington to defend Made in USA, including by taking real action against the violators who knowingly mislabel their products.
Dec 11 2020

The Great American PPE Shortage of 2020

How it happened, and how we can shore up our supplies.
Dec 10 2020

Stop Currency Manipulation, Start Creating Jobs

Most Americans probably don't think much about how currency is valued. But currency manipulation by countries like China has cost millions of manufacturing jobs.
Dec 09 2020

Manufacturing an Equitable American Clean Energy Revolution

Building clean energy infrastructure will be a monumental project. But if we do it right, we will not only address climate change, but begin to take on other societal problems as well.
Dec 08 2020

How Buy America Can Help Biden Truly Build Back Better

The president-elect made all the right campaign promises – but other presidents said the same thing. Here’s what Biden needs to do to make good on his word.