China and Climate Policy

May 12 2022

A Closer Look at the Freakout over the Anti-Circumvention Investigation into Solar Panel Imports

An American Prospect article points out the conflicts of interest for those driving this campaign.
Jan 24 2020

China Declared War Against Pollution, But Fights Its Own Climate Activists

Despite professions of environmental responsibility, China continues to flout its promises.
Sep 24 2014

The True Cost of Chinese Solar Panels: Part 3

The human cost of blind consumption, explored.
Sep 23 2014

The True Cost of Chinese Solar Panels: Part 2

Examining the inputs in China's soaring solar industry.
Sep 22 2014

The True Cost of Chinese Solar Panels

Is the trade in clean energy like solar panels dirtier than it appears?
Aug 27 2014

Made in China: “A Mistake That Will Be Hard to Turn Around For Decades”

China already leads the world in carbon emissions. If the country follows through on a plan to build 60 new coal-to-gas plants, things could get a lot worse. | Gustavo Madico via Flickr While some...
Jul 18 2011

Deceitful Chinese Bid for Oakland Bay Bridge Hurts California

Just when we thought that the saga of new made-in-China Oakland Bay Bridge couldn’t get any worse, we were proven wrong. New evidence suggests there were major flaws in the rationale for...
Nov 15 2010

How Nuclear Energy Manufacturing Can Create Jobs and Keep Us Safe

Can nuclear power plants create jobs?  You bet they can.  A recent post on The Energy Collective blog demonstrates how manufacturing can, and must, be part of the future.  In an op-ed...