Sep 22 2020

Congress Moves to Stop Influx of Goods Made by Forced Uyghur Labor

Despite growing public condemnation, China continues to expand its labor camps. Meanwhile, dozens of big name companies continue to exploit forced Uyghur labor.
Aug 28 2020

Trump Attacks Biden on China and Trade on the Final Night of the RNC

Trump specifically went after Biden for his prior support of NAFTA and China's entry into the WTO.
Aug 21 2020

Biden Offers Vision of Strong Middle Class Central to “America’s Promise” in DNC’s Final Night

Biden called for a future that is “Made in America.”
Aug 12 2020

Customs and Border Protection to Detain Clothing Manufactured by Prison Labor in China

The agency has issued four such detention orders against Chinese companies since September 2019.
Jun 30 2020

Rubio and Warren Introduce Bill for Increased Scrutiny of U.S. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Threat of Chinese aggression and lasting outbreaks endangers drug supply.
Apr 09 2020

Americans United in Calling for Tough Action Against China, According to New Polling

Democrats and Republicans alike are fed up with unfair Chinese trade practices.
Mar 06 2020
Press Release

AAM Statement: Factories Gain 15,000 Jobs in February

Washington, D.C. – Manufacturing gained 15,000 jobs in February, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday. The bulk of February's gain was in...
Mar 03 2020

Some of the World’s Biggest Brands Depend on Forced Labor in China

The Chinese government is conscribing Chinese ethnic minorities into forced labor.
Feb 20 2020

What Happens When the World’s Pharmacy is Under Quarantine?

The Coronavirus is further exposing America's dependence on China for our medicine.
Jan 28 2020

D.C.’s Metro Parts Ways With CRRC

A sad farewell? Not so much.