Aug 26 2022
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State Department Report Details China’s Global Disinformation Campaign on Xinjiang   

The Chinese government is attempting to cover up its genocide in Xinjiang by weaponizing social media.
Mar 15 2022

A Review of the Section 301 Tariffs on Chinese Imports is Coming Down the Pike

We think the Biden administration should keep the Section 301 tariffs on Chinese imports in place.
Jan 11 2022
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Here’s a Question: Is China Headed for an Economic Crisis?

Short answer: no. But the long-term trends of a “peaking China” will have a profound impact on America’s future and U.S. manufacturing, according to experts at the Hudson Institute.  
Dec 16 2021
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Senate Passes Legislation to Ban Imports from China’s Xinjiang Region

The bill, already passed by the House, bans all imports from Xinjiang unless companies can prove they aren't made with forced labor.
Dec 15 2021
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Report: Apple Agreed to a $275 Billion Deal with China

But it got much more than a lousy T-shirt.
Dec 03 2021
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Supporting American Workers Against the Unfair Trade Practices of China’s Government

A House subcommittee examined how China undercuts American workers, and the bipartisan policies needed to help the U.S. compete.
Nov 17 2021
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Biden and Xi Meet (Virtually)

Talks between the world’s two superpowers were cordial. What comes next?
Sep 10 2021
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Western Companies Should “Cease Doing Business in China, Especially Manufacturing,” Expert Says

It’s no secret China’s government poses risks to U.S. economic and national security, and a panel convened by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission discussed what to do about it.
Aug 09 2021
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Despite Accusations That It Benefits From Forced Labor in Xinjiang, Nike Remains Committed to China

There's bipartisan support to stop imports from Xinjiang, where the CCP stands accused of cultural genocide. But Nike's CEO says the company isn't sacrificing its values by doing business in China.
Aug 04 2021
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Biden Order Banning Investment in Chinese Military Companies Takes Effect

Another sign that U.S.-China economic relations are growing strained.