May 04 2021
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The “Phase 1” Trade Deal with China Was Never Great, But China Isn’t Even Keeping the Promises It Made In It

A new report from the U.S. Trade Representative finds China’s government hasn’t done enough when it comes to intellectual property protection and enforcement.
Apr 06 2021
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U.S. Trade Representative Calls China the “World’s Leading Offender” in Creating Industrial Overcapacity

The Biden administration pledged action to “address harmful trade practices.”
Mar 05 2021
Blog China

China Projects Supply Chain Self-Sufficiency in New Five-Year Plan

China’s investment in research and development targets technology with the intent of usurping America’s leadership. The United States needs to get to work.
Jan 19 2021

The United States Officially Designates What is Happening in Xinjiang as Genocide

Now it’s on the incoming Biden administration to act. But Western brands have a role to play, too.
Jan 15 2021

It’s the One Year Anniversary of Trump’s Trade Deal With China

Predictions that the agreement would ultimately be a big nothing burger have largely come true. Now attention turns to President-elect Joe Biden.
Jan 12 2021

New Report: China’s Solar Companies Use Forced Labor

Researchers at Horizon Advisory found forced labor in Xinjiang is likely being utilized by China's polysilicon industry and related supply chain.
Dec 04 2020

The Director of National Intelligence Just Called China the Challenge of our Generation. So What Do We Do Now?

A key government commission has a few ideas. Nineteen, to be exact.
Nov 24 2020

The Five Most Egregious Things in the NYT Op-ed Written by a Top Chinese Official

It’s all propaganda. But it shows that China's regime is counting on the U.S. backtracking into the old status quo.
Nov 18 2020

A New Wave of COVID-19 is Here. Why Does the U.S. Still Not Have Enough PPE?

Experts tell a Senate panel that America’s continued reliance on China is one of the reasons why shortages of personal protective equipment remain.
Nov 13 2020

Is 2020 Stressing You Out? Don’t Forget About the Global Ambitions of China’s Regime!

With the U.S. still focused on the election and coping with rising coronavirus cases, Xi Jinping and Co. are continuing ahead with plans to monopolize industry… and then some.