Clean Energy

Sep 08 2021

The Biden Administration Wants Solar to Power America. But Will It Be Made in USA?

China now dominates global solar production, including by using forced labor. Can President Biden get the U.S. solar manufacturing industry back on track?
Aug 26 2021

New York’s First Offshore Wind Farm Will Be Served by the First American-Made Wind Substation

Engineering and construction firm Kiewit will build the substation in Texas.
Aug 03 2021

United Steelworkers, US Wind Announce New Steel Facility at Baltimore’s Sparrows Point

A portion of the former steel mill will be transformed into a manufacturing facility supporting the growth of offshore wind energy.
Jul 20 2021

To Be Successful, the Transition to Electric Vehicles Must Include American Manufacturing Workers

It’s vital that American manufacturing workers have a seat at the table as the United States transitions to an electric vehicle future, policymakers and other experts agreed during a panel...
Jul 12 2021

The Ohio Valley is an Emerging Hub for Carbon Capture and Hydrogen Generation

The AFL-CIO gathered policy experts and political leaders to talk about seizing a new clean energy opportunity that could also create a whole lot of good, union jobs.
Jun 24 2021

How do We Make U.S. Manufacturing Clean and Competitive?

A panel of experts imagines the framework by which American can lead the global low-carbon economy.
Jun 02 2021

American Steel is Cleaner than its Competition. Can We Leverage That?

A New Climate Leadership Council study reveals the industry’s clean initiatives stand to benefit the economy and the environment.
May 19 2021

Report Finds Forced Labor Throughout China Solar Panel Supply Chain

More evidence of forced labor to add to the pile.
May 19 2021

Biden Takes a Ride in the New Ford Lightning

The president visits Michigan as the company prepares to unveil its electric F-150.
May 13 2021

Granholm, Wyden, Whitmer Tout Potential Job Creation and Other Benefits from Clean Energy Investment

“We can be great stewards of our environment and keep people in good paying jobs all at the same time, it's not one or the other,” said Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer during a Thursday event with...