Electric Vehicles

Aug 25 2021

The Solar Industry Provides a Cautionary Tale for America’s Clean Energy Future

The United States will not be able to throw a little bit of money at the clean energy transition and hope it works out for the best. Not when we know China is working so hard to dominate the global...
Aug 23 2021

Here We Go Again: Foxconn is Apparently Looking to Make Electric Vehicles in the United States

The company's Wisconsin site is in contention. We aren't holding our breath.
Aug 06 2021

President Biden Just Set an Ambitious Target for Electric Vehicle Purchases, But That’s the Easy Part

Biden announced a goal that 50% of new U.S. vehicle sales by 2030 will be zero emission. The key will be making sure all those vehicles are American-made.
Jul 08 2021

California Has a Chance to Stick a Buy America Rule On its EV Voucher Program

And it's about to not take it.
Jun 07 2021

California’s Electric Vehicle Future Must Be Made in America

A bill making its way through the state legislature aims to incentivize the purchase of electric vehicles (EVs). But somewhere along the way, language to ensure those EVs are Made in America was...
Jun 01 2021

The Clean Energy for America Act Advances in the Senate

The bill would consolidate tax credits to incentivize investment in renewable energy, and could help America lead in manufacturing electric vehicles.
Apr 29 2021

Electrifying Car and Truck Sales by 2035 Will Create 2 Million New Jobs, Study Finds

A new report from the Goldman School of Public Policy at U.C. Berkeley calls for investments in electric vehicle manufacturing and infrastructure – along with policy like Buy America to ensure U.S....
Mar 10 2021

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Says an Electric Vehicle Future Will Mean New Jobs

But to fully take advantage of a historic opportunity, the United States must jam on the accelerator, the former Michigan governor said.