Health Security

Aug 21 2020

Biden Offers Vision of Strong Middle Class Central to “America’s Promise” in DNC’s Final Night

Biden called for a future that is “Made in America.”
Aug 04 2020

Physicians Urge Government Action to Boost Domestic Manufacturing

Manufacturers can’t do this alone. And they shouldn’t have to.
Jul 29 2020

Bipartisan Bill Would Mandate Federally Purchased PPE Be Made in the USA

Lawmakers want the Berry Amendment to apply to key federal PPE contracts.
Jul 21 2020

Bipartisan Bill Aims to Secure Made in USA PPE “Armor” for Frontline Workers

Rep. Slotkin seeks U.S. supply chain solutions before the next disaster.
Jun 30 2020

Rubio and Warren Introduce Bill for Increased Scrutiny of U.S. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Threat of Chinese aggression and lasting outbreaks endangers drug supply.
May 01 2020

Thousands of Ohio Manufacturers Join Forces on the Coronavirus Frontlines

New podcast episode looks at a case study for public-private partnerships combatting PPE shortages.
Feb 24 2020

Made in America Solutions for a Happy, Healthy Baby

With contamination and safety risks piling up, Made in USA baby goods let you sleep like a baby.
Feb 20 2020

What Happens When the World’s Pharmacy is Under Quarantine?

The Coronavirus is further exposing America's dependence on China for our medicine.