industrial policy

Jul 28 2022

Senate Approves $52 Billion for Domestic Semiconductor Production

No small potatoes: $52 billion for the domestic manufacture of chips, and $200 billion for scientific research. But there's lots more to do.
Jul 22 2022

Semiconductor Bill Expected to Move This Week

And it might move without much discussed trade enforcement rules.
Jun 16 2022

AAM to Congress: Building Manufacturing Resiliency Will Require a Sustained Effort

“We must break the vicious cycle of implementing policies that reward imports over domestic production,” Scott Paul tells the Senate Finance Committee.
May 24 2022

Wait, How Much Money Does China Spend on its Industrial Policy?

Year after year, the Chinese government spends twice as much as Washington to promote its domestic industries.
May 03 2022

Biden Administration Presses the Case for the Competition Bill

The president says China doesn't want industrial policy legislation to pass. But if it were to, there's one provision on the table it wants included.
Apr 29 2022

Congress Shouldn’t Weaken China Tariffs in a Bill Meant to Counter Chinese Economic Policy

The provision that would tie the U.S. Trade Representative's hands is a bad idea.
Apr 11 2022

House, Senate Assign Lawmakers to Competitiveness Bill’s Conference Committee

Legislators will now hammer out a compromise to Congress' big industrial policy legislation.
Mar 10 2022

The White House Keeps Up the Pressure on the Competitiveness Bill

AAM wants to make sure a trade remedy update is included in the final legislation.
Feb 18 2022

Five Senators Put It in Writing: Industrial Policy Bill Should Include Trade Provisions

Non-market economies are "rigging the rules in their favor and denying our companies and our workers the only thing they need—a fair shot," write five senators in support of trade proposals in the...
Jan 26 2022

The House Introduced its Big Industrial Policy Bill, and We’re Looking At What’s In It

There's some good stuff in here in the House's pass at a big economic competitiveness bill, but there are still improvements to be made.