Apr 04 2024
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U.S. Steel Unveils Plan to Capture Carbon Emissions at Gary Works Facility

The 123-year-old steelmaker will partner with CarbonFree to capture and turn harmful carbon emissions into a carbon-neutral version of calcium carbonate.
Oct 23 2023
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Newly Announced Tech Hubs Aim to Spur Technology Innovation Outside of Silicon Valley

The Commerce Department's designation of 31 new tech hubs is "designed to drive regional innovation and job creation" in 32 states and Puerto Rico.
Jan 24 2023
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The United States is Losing Its Innovation Edge Over China, a New Report Warns

The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation finds China has already surpassed the United States when it comes to total innovation output.
Sep 13 2022
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President Biden Signs Executive Order to Boost Biomanufacturing Industry

Biotechnology includes everything from pharmaceuticals to plastics to fertilizers and seeds to fuels. The United States long has led the sector, but risks falling further behind to China.
Feb 28 2022

Commerce Department Awards Funds to Manufacturing USA Projects Focused on Pandemic Resiliency

R&D is an integral part of the productive process, we hear.
May 20 2021
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Semiconductor Industry Reps Make their Case for Public Investment

“If we don’t do it here, it’s going to happen in China, it’s going to happen in Taiwan, or it’s going to happen in Europe.”
Mar 30 2021
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U.S. Steel Unveils a New Line with Low Carbon Intensity

A cleaner steelmaking process will produce only a quarter of CO2 that is typically required.
Aug 13 2020
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Trumpy Bear is Back! But is it Made in USA?

We actually have a lot of questions.
Jun 11 2020

Bipartisan Members of Congress Introduce Bill to Reshore Semiconductor Manufacturing

CHIPS for America Act aims to advance American technology, create jobs and ensure national security.
Jun 05 2020

Manufacturing Gained 225,000 Jobs in May, But It’s a Long Road to Recovery

As relief funds dry up, infrastructure investment could stimulate the next stage of recovery.