Jun 17 2022
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Growing Factory Jobs can Provide New Opportunities for Workers of Color

The United States can seize the moment to create millions of new, well-paid jobs for American workers, begin to close racial wealth gaps, and offer new opportunities for workers of color.
Apr 26 2022
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Has a Factory Closure or Offshoring of Jobs Affected You?

The International Trade Commission is gathering input from Americans impacted by trade policy, and we can help you submit your story.
Apr 05 2022
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Manufacturing Continued its Steady Climb in the Last Jobs Report

American factory employment is nearly back to its pre-pandemic level.
Jan 31 2022
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Workers of Color Suffered the Most Due to Factory Job Loss, But Manufacturing Still Pays a Premium

Investing in infrastructure, clean energy and critical manufacturing will create a whole lot of well-paid jobs that could benefit these workers. Rebalancing trade will likely help, too.
Jan 07 2022
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Factory Job Growth is Off to a Solid Start in 2022. Will it Continue?

The pandemic and supply chain challenges brought home the dangers of relying too much on imports. Now the U.S. must take advantage of a historic opportunity to grow its own manufacturing base.
Nov 10 2021

Investing in American Workers through EVs

The Economic Policy Institute hosts a discussion about how to ensure the domestic workforce benefits from the our electric-vehicle future.
Nov 02 2021
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National Coalition of Labor, Environmental and Veterans Groups Call on General Electric to “Bring It Home”

An eclectic mix of groups want GE to reinvest in American workers and reshore manufacturing.
Oct 19 2021
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Globalization Devastated the Industrial Heartland. How Can We Renew Prosperity?

Bad policy decisions led to the loss of millions of jobs in industrial communities across America. Good policy decisions could lead to revitalization.
Sep 21 2021
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Study Finds Long-Term Factory Job Loss Has Meant Economic Recessions Last Longer

A new UCLA working paper examines the correlation between recession length and lost manufacturing jobs.
Sep 09 2021
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Calling the Balls and Strikes on Major League Baseball’s Pending Factory Closure

Rawlings, which is partly owned by MLB, is planning to close a longtime factory in Minnesota. Local residents are crying foul.