Made in America

Apr 07 2021

New Balance’s Made in USA Line Gets a Notable New Director

Teddy Santis, a big name in the New York fashion community, will be the creative head for the company's American-made collection.
Mar 12 2021

Get to Know Sutphen, Which Has Been Making Fire Engines in the United States Since 1890

The company supplies firefighting apparatus to fire departments throughout the country.
Feb 10 2021

Last Minute Made in USA Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Big romantic getaways are likely not happening for most of us this year, but you can still mark the love-filled day while also supporting American makers and workers.
Feb 04 2021

It’s Time for the Super Bowl Ads

It’s Super Bowl week! The Super Bowl is this weekend! We're gonna get some American-made ads!
Jan 29 2021

Rest Easy With These Made in America Pillows (That Aren’t the MyPillow)

Support American manufacturing, even in your sleep!
Jan 05 2021

We Still Don’t Understand the “Bean Dad” Controversy, But Hey, Here’s a Made in USA Can Opener!

The bottom line: However you teach your kid to open a can of beans, make sure she's using an American-made can opener.
Jan 05 2021

FTC Issues Highest Monetary Judgment Ever in a Made in USA Labeling Case

Chemence, Inc., and its president will have to pay the agency $1.2 million for deceptively labeling several brands of glue.
Dec 22 2020

Why We’re Shopping Made in America This Holiday Season

There are lots of great reasons to shop local. Here are just a handful.
Dec 02 2020

Home Goods Maker JennyGems Ditched China for Delaware — And It Paid Off

Jennifer and David McMillan used the profits from selling their house to buy manufacturing equipment to make their line of kitschy signs locally. Sales skyrocketed.
Nov 24 2020
Press Release

AAM’s 2020 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide Shines a Spotlight at a Pivotal Time

Washington, D.C.— The Alliance for American Manufacturing’s 2020 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide, which features an array of American-made gift ideas from all 50 states, the...