Made in America

Mar 17 2023

A Company on a Mission to Cut Down on Plastic Waste

Terravive makes compostable, biodegradable food containers, cutlery, cups, plates and straws ... all in the United States.
Mar 07 2023

Home Town Star Erin Napier Just Unveiled a New Collection with America’s Oldest Wallpaper Manufacturer

The HGTV star and her husband, Ben, are partnering with York Wallcoverings, which has been making wallpaper in Pennsylvania since 1895.
Mar 03 2023

Luxury Furniture Maker Gets Back to His St. Louis Roots with New Made in USA Collection

Martin Goebel has made high-end offerings for VIPs and exclusive hotels. Now he's creating American-made wood furniture for the public, and at competitive prices.
Feb 10 2023

NFL Footballs are Still Made by Hand, and Still Made in America

Union workers create the balls for all NFL and college games at the Wilson Sporting Goods Football Factory in Ada, Ohio.
Feb 08 2023
Press Release

The State of American Manufacturing Is Growing Stronger, But We Must Build On It

Washington, D.C. – During his State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Biden outlined his administration’s economic achievements, celebrating the 800,000 manufacturing jobs...
Jan 25 2023

The Smithsonian Visits Buffalo’s Oxford Pennant

A Smithsonian Institution project aims to show young people that history isn't just about "presidents and wars" but also "pennants and T-shirts and the history of manufacturing."
Jan 20 2023

Make-A-Fort Aims to Get Kids Building — and Off Screens

The Kansas company, which sources its products from the American midwest, has exploded in popularity since the pandemic.
Dec 22 2022

Get Ready for Your 2023 Resolutions with Made in USA Running Gear

Whether you are looking for a last-minute Christmas gift or getting ready for the New Year, you can keep it Made in America.
Dec 19 2022

Tips for Finding Last-Minute Made in USA Holiday Gifts

Whether you need just one more gift or you have your entire list to shop for, there's still time to find something American-made.
Dec 10 2022

Detroit’s Pewabic Pottery Creates One-of-a-Kind Treasures, Just as it Did in 1903

Operating in a National Historic Landmark building, the pottery has been a part of the Motor City's story as long as the auto industry.