Made in America

Oct 13 2021

American Mule: An Ode to Arizona’s Copper Traditions

This Copper State-based drinkware company crafts mugs by artisans with 100% American copper.
Oct 01 2021

Nalgene: Born from Science, Made in America

Nalgene water bottles have defined an industry. They've also been Made in America since the beginning.
Sep 02 2021

American Giant and Excel Manufacturing Join Forces to Make a New, Made-In-America Product

Two renowned American clothing manufacturers come together to launch the Roughneck Pant.
Aug 30 2021

Milwaukee Tool Expands its Footprint in Mississippi

The company says it'll create over a thousand new jobs in the state in the coming years.
Aug 13 2021

Get Back to the Classroom with Made in America School Supplies

No matter what age, we’ve got you covered with ideas for school supplies that are Made in the USA.
Aug 02 2021

Wiggy’s Sleeping Bags Showcase Quality American Manufacturing

Made in USA since 1986, Wiggy’s bills itself as the largest single producer of sleeping bags in the world. Customers include the U.S. military.
Jul 30 2021

Manufactured in the USA for More Than 40 Years, Maglite Flashlights Embody the American Dream

Maglite founder Tony Maglica continues to make his company's flashlights in the United States through “desire, determination, dedication and discipline.”
Jul 19 2021

Ralph Lauren’s U.S. Olympic Team Outfits are Made in USA. What About Kim Kardashian West’s Team USA SKIMS?

Ralph Lauren learned from its past mistakes and shifted production to the United States. But where is the official underwear of Team USA manufactured?
Jul 16 2021

Detroit Bikes is Working to Bring Bicycle Manufacturing Back to the U.S.A.

Detroit Bikes makes simple, easy-to-use bikes that work in urban settings and are proudly Made in America.
Jul 14 2021

Áthos Cleaning Products Leave Out the Chemicals, But Keep it Made in America

A cancer diagnosis led Tina Anagnostopoulos to ditch traditional cleaners. But when she couldn't find a non-chemical option that also got the job done, she created her own line of plant-based...