Made in America

Sep 22 2023

FTC Issues Financial Penalties Against Accessories Companies for Misleading Made in USA Claims

The owner of Chaucer Accessories, Bates Accessories, and Bates Retail Group was fined nearly $192,000 for "falsely claiming that certain company products were manufactured in the United States."
Sep 01 2023

Make Your Next Outdoor Adventure Made in America

There's plenty of American-made options for outdoor activities, from canoes and paddles to sleeping bags, tents, and more.
Aug 26 2023

Lodge Cast Iron Debuts Red, White, and Blue Enamel Dutch Ovens, All Made in the USA

The Tennessee company is famous for its cast iron cookware. Now it is getting into the enamel game.
Jul 17 2023

RFK Jr. Got Caught Selling Imported Campaign Gear. Are the Other Candidates Supporting Made in USA?

Kennedy appeared to have switched to American-made campaign merchandise by Monday morning.
Jul 13 2023

Kansas City’s Sandlot Goods Taps into Childhood Nostalgia

The Made in USA manufacturer creates baseball caps and other goods with a retro flair – along with its popular Yardball.
Jul 05 2023

How Do Americans Feel About Made in America in 2023?

Spoiler: Americans want more Made in America, a new market outlook survey from Morning Consult shows.
Jun 27 2023

The Biden Administration is Investing $1.7 Billion in “American-built Buses”

Funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will help localities modernize bus fleets; nearly half of the models will be zero-emissions vehicles.
Jun 23 2023

The Fourth of July is Approaching. Is Your Flag Made in America?

We consulted with a Made in America expert about where to find flags that are 100% American-made.
Jun 21 2023

New Legislation Wants to Ensure All Publicly Funded Discoveries are Made In America

The Invent Here, Make Here Act of 2023 would tighten the domestic manufacturing waiver process at all federal agencies that commercialize their research, and adds another layer of review. It's a...
Jun 08 2023

Meet the Father-and-Son Team Behind Two Successful Made in America Companies

The Wisconsin duo didn't intend to start a business out of the American steel flag they made in their garage, but they struck a nerve. Then they did it again.