Manufacturing and Climate Policy

Aug 11 2021

IPCC Climate Report is Troubling, But Presents a Green Manufacturing Opportunity

We need to work urgently to reverse trends leading toward climate catastrophe; American manufacturing is part of the solution.
Feb 12 2020

It’s Been Two Years Since Tariffs Were Placed on Solar Panels. What’s Been the Result?

A new International Trade Commission report examines the real-world impact of the trade action.
Jan 24 2020

China Declared War Against Pollution, But Fights Its Own Climate Activists

Despite professions of environmental responsibility, China continues to flout its promises.
Oct 31 2019

China’s Chokehold on America’s Drug Supply is a Nightmare Come True

Experts foretell catastrophic consequences to Chinese domination of the pharmaceutical industry.
Mar 15 2012

Break-Through Solar Panels, Made in the USA

Twin Creeks, a start-up company headquartered in San Jose, CA, hopes to revolutionize the solar panel industry by creating ultra-thin solar cells at half the cost of the current industry standard....
Apr 06 2011

President Obama visits Pennsylvania Wind Turbine Manufacturer Today

President Obama will be visiting a Gamesa wind turbine manufacturing facility in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania today.  The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) commends the...
Nov 15 2010

How Nuclear Energy Manufacturing Can Create Jobs and Keep Us Safe

Can nuclear power plants create jobs?  You bet they can.  A recent post on The Energy Collective blog demonstrates how manufacturing can, and must, be part of the future.  In an op-ed...