Manufacturing Policy

Jun 28 2023

President Biden Makes His Economic Pitch as Campaign Season Gets Going

Have the industrial policies behind "Bidenomics" been worthwhile? Sure, but the work is by no means finished.
May 17 2023

Defense, Commerce, State Secretaries: Budget Cuts will Hamper U.S. Competition with China

But they're still being cautious with their rhetoric when discussing American efforts vs. Beijing.
May 11 2023

What’s Worse: Economic Nationalism or a Climate Catastrophe?

A prominent economics columnist picks the latter.
Apr 24 2023

U.S. Solar Industry Awaits Treasury Guidance on Domestic Content Rules

A 10% bonus tax credit is at stake, and plenty want it watered down so they can be rewarded for using imports.
Apr 19 2023

Europe Announces its Own Semiconductor Manufacturing Program

The EU and its member states will spend $47 billion to help build chip fabs across the continent.
Apr 11 2023

The Return of Manufacturing to the United States Won’t be Without Challenges

The problems posed by manufacturing's resurgence are good ones to have.
Mar 21 2023

Energy Secretary and Ohio Governor Discuss American Competitiveness, Industrial Policy, and What That Means For Our Future 

Both officials explored the potential of new laws like the Inflation Reduction Act and CHIPS and Science Act.
Mar 15 2023

Industrial Policy Can Create Job Opportunities for Underrepresented Workers, New Report Argues 

The clean energy and infrastructure sectors are getting a big boost. The Markle Foundation wants to make sure everyone can access its benefits.
Mar 14 2023

U.S., EU Make Nice Over Clean Energy Industrial Policy

But some in Europe are super leery of pulling back from their trade relationship with China.