Jun 29 2021

How Could Current Policy Proposals Help American Manufacturing?

A panel convened by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation provided an overview of ongoing efforts from Congress and the White House to boost American manufacturing.
Jan 20 2021

President Joe Biden is Sworn In. Now, the Real Work Begins.

Biden calls for unity as country faces unprecedented challenges.
Jan 08 2021
Press Release

AAM Statement: Factories Still Down 543,000 Jobs Since February

Washington, D.C. – Manufacturing gained 38,000 jobs in December, according to data released on Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but the sector is still down...
Nov 11 2020

Biden to Use Defense Production Act to Bolster Domestic PPE Supply

America’s PPE stockpiles are critically low ahead of what is expected to be an even deadlier COVID-19 wave.
Oct 23 2020

After Facing Racism, Kameen Thompson Brought His Fellow Steelworkers Together. Now He’s Fighting To Save Jobs.

The USW local president says a factory job can provide opportunity, but people like him need Washington to do its part, too.
Oct 16 2020

Lawmakers Call on the FTC to Strengthen Made in USA Labeling Enforcement

Reps. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-N.J.) and Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) are urging the FTC to follow through with its proposal to strengthen its Made in USA enforcement mechanisms.
Oct 09 2020

Steve Ackerman, a Black Millwright in Rural Ohio, Sees Slow Racial Progress

“If nothing else comes out of this, they are starting to at least listen now.”
Sep 18 2020

Manufacturing Helped Darrell Rideout Build a Good Life, But He Worries About “What My Kids Will Have to Go Through”

In many ways, the United Steelworkers member has achieved the American dream. But being Black means Rideout and his family still deal with racism.
Sep 17 2020

Senate Democrats Want to Invest $350 Billion to Grow U.S. Industrial Capacity and Counter China

Senate Democrats introduced legislation on Thursday to invest $350 billion to strengthen America’s industrial capabilities while also aiming to weaken China’s growing global influence.
Aug 28 2020

Trump Attacks Biden on China and Trade on the Final Night of the RNC

Trump specifically went after Biden for his prior support of NAFTA and China's entry into the WTO.