May 10 2022

Deputy Commerce Secretary Joins Michigan Lawmakers to Make the Case for the Bipartisan Innovation Act

Passing this legislation will help secure supply chains and create economic opportunities for all Americans, officials said.
May 10 2022

President Biden to Congress: “Pass the Damn Bill”

During recent trip to Ohio, the president touted the importance of the Bipartisan Innovation Act, with support from Buckeye State Sens. Rob Portman (R) and Sherrod Brown (D). 
Apr 14 2022

Biden Calls on Congress to Finalize Innovation and Competitiveness Bill

“Congress needs to get this bill to my desk as quickly as possible,” President Biden said during a speech in Greensboro, N.C., Thursday.   President Biden urged Congress to finalize work on...
Feb 23 2022

Biden Announces $35 Million Investment in Domestic Rare Earth Elements Supply Chain

The Defense Department will award $35 million to MP Materials, a rare earth elements facility in Mountain Pass, Calif., the president said on Tuesday.
Feb 02 2022

Can the United States Manufacture Solutions to the Climate Crisis, Or Will We Lose the Global Race?

The House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis examined how the United States can build the technology needed to reduce carbon emissions, creating jobs and securing the future in the process.
Jan 25 2022

The Made in America Office Celebrates Its First Year of Operation

As the federal government prepares to invest $1.2 trillion into a national infrastructure overhaul, the Made in America Office’s mission to ensure clear, consistent and transparent implementation...
Jan 19 2022

How Can the United States Grow Manufacturing?

We put forth some ideas in a new video.
Jan 11 2022

Biden Administration Officials and Experts Share What an Industrial Policy May Look Like

While market-based systems work for a lot of the economy, critical sectors require a bit more focus and coordination. 
Dec 22 2021

The Top Five Manufacturing News Stories of 2021

Supply chain woes, infrastructure, Buy America, and more dominated the headlines.
Oct 20 2021

Two New Books Shine the Spotlight on America’s Factory Workers

New tomes from Pulitzer Prize winner Farah Stockman and Senate candidate Tom Nelson highlight the importance of good manufacturing jobs in working class communities.