National Manufacturing Strategy

Jul 08 2020

New Legislation Aims to Shape a National Manufacturing Strategy

Creation of National Institute of Manufacturing would also support U.S. security and job growth.
Apr 29 2020

Democratic Lawmakers Introduce Their Plan to Strengthen the Supply of Medical Equipment

New bill would require President Trump to use the DPA to mobilize a federal response.
Feb 27 2020

Bill Aims to Boost Advanced Manufacturing and Factory Jobs in America

Rep. Dan Lipinski introduces bill to spur further growth of advanced manufacturing.
Oct 30 2018

Pence Points to Vocational Training as Bipartisan Opportunity

Vice President Mike Pence spotlights vocational training.
Sep 17 2014

Manufacturing Takes Center Stage at Department of Energy Summit

But is the coordinated policy plan manufacturing needs being prepared?
Aug 26 2014

Burger King Brouhaha Shows Tax Reform Debate Will Be Potent

Will Burger King's "inversion" rouse Washington to the task of tax reform?
Jul 18 2014

Rendon: Baseball on TV too boring

Jayson Stark discusses comments made by Nationals' Anthony Rendon that televised baseball games are too "long and boring" and offers some suggestions on how the pace of games could be increased.
Jul 14 2014

AAM Statement on the naming of Ron Bloom as the Obama Administration’s Senior Counselor for Manufact

Brief statement from Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) Executive Director Scott Paul on the naming of Ron Bloom as the Obama Administration's Senior Counselor for Manufacturing Policy:...
Jun 20 2014

Ignore the Hype: We Aren’t Even Close to Declaring a Manufacturing Victory

You might have seen a new report released this week from the U.S. National Economic Council that put forth the idea that American manufacturing is more competitive than it has been in decades. That...
Jun 18 2014

White House Maker Faire Promotes Manfacturing Innovators

There’s a giraffe over at the White House today. A 17-foot-tall, 2,200 pound robotic giraffe named Russell who walks on wheels, plays music, lights up and can carry up to 30 passengers in its...